The mobile phone is just one of the coolest new attributes in Grand Theft Auto IV. Merely push UP to raise your tissue, and then push UP once more to see the keypad. Coming from the keyboard, you may now ruin Liberty City with your toolbox of cheats.

A number of the deprive codes that you may get in might stop you coming from activating several success in the video game, therefore you will not definitely intend to use them on your ‘correct’ spare activity. Start up a brand new game & appear these contact number and you may right away think that a mobster!

Punch in 4865-550-100 to open the Weapons Tier 1 scam. This rip off are going to turn on the baseball bat, hand gun, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, and explosives for you to create instant destruction. Or try 4865-550-150 for the 2nd rate of items which include the knife, Molotov drinks, hand gun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, as well as RPG. Each tiers of tools will definitely provide you with hours of non deter trouble!

Grand Gangster Auto Crime for Android - APK Download

Want to look around Liberty City prior to you open all the islands? Kind 3595-550-100 in to your cellular phone to give rise to an Annihilator cops chopper. Look for various other choppers as the Police & Army will be scorching on your tail. The Annihilator possesses weapons on board thus give them back a flavor of their personal medicine for chuckles.Niko can call up several different autos by means of his tissue phone. If in necessity of a water vehicle dial 938-555-0100 to acquire a Jetmax for that wet vacation GTA 5 ANDROID.

There are actually several cheats that you can meet your cell phone featuring other vehicles as well as the potential to lower or even elevate your needed amount if you really feel the heat performs or not sufficient. You may additionally provide Niko total wellness, rounds and also armour or even alter the climate condition.